“Why Men and Women Are Still Not Equal”


“The term feminism can be used to describe a political, cultural or economic movement aimed to establish equal rights and legal protection for women. Feminism involves political, cultural and sociological theories, as well as philosophies concerned with issues of gender differences. It is also a movement that advocates gender equality for women and campaigns for women’s rights and interests.”

For centuries, women have lived in a world of men, having no law, but a duty to be good wives and mothers. As representatives of the tough gender, for centuries were men able to exploit women for their weakness, physical inferiority and sensitivity. Since ancient times even until present, the masculine and his experiences were considered a standard for human behavior and achievements.

One of the misconceptions about feminism is that feminism is only victimized and that feminist believes that men are guilty of many violations of women’s rights in the past. What nobody knows is that there are a variety of current feminists in different places and times: liberal, socialist, modern, etc. Obviously, liberal feminism pleading, like liberalism itself, for equality between people. In any case this trend does not accusing the men because women have been through lack of rights since ancient times. The Marxist feminism fights for unhappy marriages as a result of economic inequality between men and women. Radical feminism considers that women should discover “the authentically woman”, in themselves not to borrow or to imitate male values. None of the forms of feminism, doesn’t look up the women as a victim, but rather as being capable to decide by herself and to impose when is necessary.

And yet…..in the middle of struggling for dominance, where “the Woman” remained? The one who inspires poets and painters with her mystery…..Fascinated Woman, resourceful one, the woman full of refined eroticism, the childish-woman, the spiritually – woman. It seam the she has forgotten and abandoned its true feminine power: the seduction.

Personally, I m not entirely convinced that the feminist movement has made us any service to us women, as individuals. Yes, we are equal with men and we can do whatever they do if we want to, but they are not required to undertake of our responsibilities. Yes, we are equal in rights but we have double our obligations as well. And I would like to find myself in Louis Pauwel’s quote: “The woman is rare, she kneels great personalities male. She reverses the thrones and she stopped the years. Her skin is marble and when The One is shows, she put a dilemma over the world …”

By Carmen Nymoen