The old fashion habit………makes me wonder sometimes…….what’s between plus and minus? The ever known extremes. Those two which people fears the most unreasonably. For instance, people use to frighten black, they associated with “evil” and tend to agree over its opposite, the ”white”, as the “good” symbol. What would be the shiny stars without a dark night, then?
And again….what’s in between black and white, good and evil, hate and……well, here comes the most interesting part. Love??? The one who “conquers” all???:)) Let’s place the old fashion habit in one of the extremes … or minus, doesn’t make any difference and let’s imagine. Let’s imagine that in order to conquer, love sacrifice. Progressively! First, its freedom, integrity, pride, self esteem and most of all, its disciples. Does it worth it??? Does it worth it to die for??? C’MON!!!!! AN OLD HABIT??? Aren’t DRUGS, LAND, PRINCIPLES, a better alternative????

my parents, on their wedding day (October, 1973) ….they divorced soon after…
myself, at the weekly kindergarten (Bucharest-Romania)….being there for 7 years
…..I was conceived in the same year of my birth (1974) ….. most probably on my mother’s birthday, 6th of March and naturally delivered on November, the 10th, in the same year (was scheduled on 26th)
This, is the picture of a little girl who played in 1972 the role of Veronica. A fantasy story of a little girl’s life in a …..WEEKLY kindergarten!!!

Here, is an image of my first silver earrings I got from my godparents (the same godparents of my parents and the same who introduce my parents to each other!). They are hand made and their pattern is unique since she bought them from a silversmith.
The magnificent crop circles of southern England.
….and here, is one of the many other drawings of the well known phenomena called, crop circles

“In 1974 we sent a message into outer space to see if something would reply”