My Big Fat Gypsy Communion: Meet the nine-year-old girl who spends 24 hours getting dolled up for her service
With their thick fake tan and WAG-style hair and nails, the girls are perfect versions of the gypsy brides millions of viewers have grown to love
With their thick fake tan, heavy make-up, and WAG-style hair and nails, the girls are perfect versions of the gypsy brides millions of viewers have grown to love.
But there is one crucial difference. Nangirl is only nine and she and her pals are not dolled up for their weddings, but for their first Holy Communion.
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding is back, and it’s more outrageous than ever.
“It’s very important you look good,” Nangirl declares. “There are going to be loads of people there. I don’t want them to say ‘Oh God look at her, she is ugly’.
“So I can’t have ugly nails, ugly make-up, a spray tan with patches or an ugly dress. God wants to see you looking good.”
The nine-year-old is speaking from her “salon of choice” called Sin City as she gets one of her regular treatments.
She has begun getting ready more than 24 hours before her first Holy Communion begins in the Midlands.
On this year’s Big Fat Gypsy Wedding series, viewers will see everyone pulling out all the stops as the stakes get higher and the dresses get more outlandish from a much earlier age.
The smash hit Channel 4 series, which pulled in over eight million viewers last year, returns with a quartet of cousins all trying to outdo each other with bigger dresses, more make-up, bigger nails and deeper tans.
Nangirl’s cousin – and biggest rival – Margaret explains: “It’s a really big day and the most important thing is the dress. And receiving Jesus Christ.
“We are Catholic, this is what we have got to do.”
Riot police called to tackle traveller gatecrashers after they storm My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding reception partyMargaret Hanrahan and Miley Doran, both 18, got married in a typically lavish Gypsy ceremony
But happy day descended into violence when guests got into a fight with gatecrashers

By Suzannah Hills
Riot police had to attend the filming of a new episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding after the couple’s reception ended in a mass brawl.
Riot police were called to where Channel 4 were filming the nuptials of Margaret Hanrahan and Miley Doran, both 18, last week for a special edition of the hit documentary show.
Gatecrashers brawled with guests at the reception in the Park Inn Hotel, West Drayton, believed to have resulted in one person being stabbed.
One hotel guest, who asked not to be named, told the Daily Mirror: ‘There were massive dresses, cars coming and going and then fights. It was intimidating.’
A spokesman for the MET police said that while officers were called to a disturbance at the hotel, no crimes were reported and no one was arrested.
In typically gypsy style, Margaret wore an extravagant white princess dress and travelled to the traditional church service in a white Rolls Royce.
Her 11 bridesmaids were dressed in shocking pink gowns and travelled in a matching pink limo.
Guests had only been told the location of the wedding that morning to try and prevent any gatecrashers but a group of uninvited travellers turned up towards the end of the night causing a fight.
But Bomboniera Events’ Sally Cherri, a wedding planner who organised the lavish event, said the late drama failed to spoil the special day.
She said: ‘I’ve planned hundreds of weddings but this was my first ever Gypsy wedding and despite what happened at the end I would still love to do more.
‘The couple were getting a lot of discrimination when they were trying to book things for the day so they came to me.