Denise Helms is another victim to ill-advised use of posts on social media sites.
She was fired from a manager’s job after the owner of the Turlock Cold Stone Creamery franchise became incensed over her use of the N-word in describing President Obama’s re-election and the comment that “maybe he will be assassinated.”
Those who use Facebook are surprised that she messaged her friends her opinions. Jessica Escarcega was walking by the Cold Stone store today and was fascinated with the whole affair.
“If I want you to know my information and you’re a close friend, I will tell you. I don’t need to post it on Facebook,” said Escarcega.
She said once the quotes hit the internet, they are fair play for Helm’s bosses.
“I think employers should look at the Facebook and see what kind of employees they’re going to be,” said Escarcega.