A married woman and mother of three, was arrested after having sex with her daughter’s former boyfriend.
It is an unspoken rule, and most people know to stay away from, and definitely not sleep with, the former lover of a family member or friend.
But one mother broke that rule, and also broke the law by sleeping with her daughter’s underage former boyfriend.
Sarah Maria Torres, 33, of Sugar Land, Texas, was arrested on rape charges after she allegedly had sex with her 14-year-old daughter’s former boyfriend.
According to Sugar Land Police, an investigation began after the boy told a family member about the sexual relationship he had with the woman, who lives on the same block as him.
Investigators said the alleged incident took place when the boy stayed home from school. The boy’s mother provided officers with evidence that corroborated her son’s claims.
Neighbors are shocked by the allegations and are doubly concerned over the disturbing accusations because Torres runs a daycare center out of her own home.
Torres was booked into the Fort Bend County jail and charged with sexual assault of a child. Her bail was set at $150,000.