Do you know why I stoped “moving”… job, situation, social, personal……….because are “people” out there who’s telling me to WAIT. And they do so because they don’t “believe”. Because they want more time to be “consulted” towards me. And to be well payed to do so! Because of the cult for the VIP’s concept……..”oh, look how down I find myself (a sort of Cinderella) and look how high I aim”. I have a news for those who thinks so: for at list four years, I am the one who deliver VIP’s on the market. And I have solid proves to confirm this statement!
And if I didn’t mentioned, I’ll do it now: while you reading my blogs, follow the chronological order of the postings. Some of the topics includes personal material. I did it so not to frame the people involved in the stories, as more to offer the readers (the future ones, especially), a perspective over these days conflicts and a way to deal with them by using all the diplomatically instruments offerd by the leadership in charge.

Eva Dahlgren – Du

Eva Dahlgren – Vem Tänder stjärnorna
p.s. funny thing…..don’t know many Swedes and Norwegians who struggled and wished as much as I did to make it in their country…..