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W.A.S.P. – The Idol

LONDON (AP) — As Spain’s Princess Cristina goes on trial on tax fraud charges alongside her Olympic handball champion husband, here is a look at some other European royals who have been caught up in controversy or claims of wrongdoing.


Prince Ernst August, the husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco and the patriarch of one of Europe’s oldest ruling families, has had more than one run-in with the law. In 2004 he was convicted of beating up a hotel owner, and in 1999 he was fined for attacking a photographer.

In 2000, a tabloid published a photograph allegedly showing the prince urinating on the Turkish Pavilion at the Expo 2000 fair in Hanover. The incident sparked a diplomatic tussle, with the Turkish Embassy in Berlin reportedly accusing the prince of “insulting the Turkish people.”



Britain’s Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth II’s second son, has for years been troubled by reports of his extravagant lifestyle and his friendship with several controversial figures, notably U.S. financier Jeffrey Epstein, a registered sex offender. Andrew stepped down from his role as a trade envoy in 2011 as questions mounted.

In 2015, Buckingham Palace had to publicly deny claims made in documents filed for a U.S. court case against Epstein that Andrew had sex with an underage woman on three occasions. While Andrew was named in the papers, he was never sued or charged and a judge later ordered the sensational allegations against him to be removed from the court record.



Andrew’s former wife, the Duchess of York, is known for a long string of embarrassing misjudgments. In 2010 she was filmed apparently offering to sell access to Andrew for 500,000 pounds (£726,000) to an undercover tabloid reporter posing as a foreign businessman.

Ferguson, known as “Fergie,” said she suffered from financial hardship and apologized for what she called a serious lapse of judgment.



Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf, who came to the throne in 1973, was plagued by claims in a 2010 book alleging he visited seedy strip clubs during foreign visits and had an extra-marital affair with a Swedish singer in the 1990s. While critics said the allegations were poorly sourced, they nonetheless sparked a furious media reaction, with one leading newspaper urging the king to step down.

The king’s initial rambling reaction didn’t include any denial of the allegations, which was seen by many as a partial admission. The situation was aggravated by allegations that one of the king’s friends had been in contact with a reputed gangland figure, who was a key source of the book, in an attempt to silence him with bribes.



Mette-Marit Tjessem Hoiby attracted widespread attention for her turbulent past when she married Norway’s Crown Prince Haakon in 2001. A one-time waitress, Hoiby had a son with a man who was reportedly sentenced to prison for cocaine possession. Local media also reported that she had attended parties where illegal drugs were used.

At a press conference before the wedding, Hoiby admitted to moving in circles where narcotics were common and apologized for her “wild youth.”

“si ca semn ca te iubesc, colo “jos” ma iscalesc” ;) ……

date: Fri, Feb 17, 2017 at 2:19 PM
subject: Carmen Nymoen – Suedia

Stimata “doamna”,

Profit de aceasta OPORTUNITATE, pentru a va informa ca sunteti pusa sub urmarire penala pentru ULTRAJ, trafic de influenta si violarea corespondentei electronice.

Cu deosebit respect,
Carmen Nymoen

p.s. ………..”doamna”……..e MANDRA de ea???……stiute fiind problemele mele!!!

Matteo Renzi – Prime Minister (2014–2016)

“nature is calling”……all the way from ……..Romania!!!!

BISNITARA IMPUTITA SI ORDINARA!!!……Cine-ti TINE FA, gaura in aer, pe ruta Romania California, de cincis’pe ori pe an???…..Sa ma maturizez…..EU?????……HUUUUOOOO, PUTOARE IMPUTITA!!! HUUUUOOO!!!!

The United States, Canada and Israel withdraw from the U.N. Conference on Racism because they feel that the issue of Zionism is overemphasized.

“HANSA” reloaded, David????

Two delegations, the United States and Israel, withdrew from the conference over objections to a draft document equating Zionism with racism. The final Declaration and Programme of Action did not contain the text that the U.S. and Israel had objected to, that text having been voted out by delegates in the days after the U.S. and Israel withdrew.

Imi faci viata BUCATI, FA?????…..esti urmarita penal pentru ULTRAJ, trafic de influenta si violarea corespondentei electronice. Nu ti-a ajuns perdaful facut pe Facebook……LATURA NESPALATA!!!!
….toate MUISTELE din Romania, mari PIZDE “EDUCATE” DE CALIFORNIA. SA-TI FIE RUSINE, “BLOGU’ LU’ OTRAVA”!!!!…..Te uiti in gaura mea, PIZDA SECURISTA SI ORDINARA!!! Doi TORTIONARI PENALI!!!…..Te fac la orice ora CURVA!!! Vorbesc mai multe limbi straine si sunt cu MULT mai calificata decat voi doi la un loc!!! FACATURA OPORTUNISTA SI MIZERABILA. MIZERABILA!!!

sa ma “deranjeze” o PARVENITA IMPUTITA si PENALA???…..sau o CIOARA la fel de INFECTA cu pretentii de mare “nobil”???
I could have been EFFORTLESSLY!!! any successful journalist, designer, manager, without others pumping resources, CUNTS!! I possess socialy skills, WITHOUT a famous name or background. You two are the last people on earth QUALIFY in issuing ANY life parables or lessons!!! SHAME ON YOU!!! NONE of you two will reach UP to MY level!!!
…….si mai retine un lucru PIZDA PENALA!!……TU esti cea care alearga cu limba scoasa dupa o PULA, la fel de RATATA si LESINATA dupa bani, ca si tine!! Iar asta spune totul! Despre AMANDOI!!! ….BISNITARA PENALA SI IMPUTITA!!!

The United States and Israel walked out of the United Nations meeting on racism here tonight, denouncing a condemnation of Israel in a proposed conference declaration and lamenting that a meeting intended to celebrate tolerance and diversity had degenerated into a gathering riven by hate.
South Africa rushed tonight to convene emergency meetings to redraft the declaration and program of action in the hope of averting other walkouts, and a spokesman for the European Union delegation, which also raised concerns, said its diplomats would take part in the efforts to rewrite the draft documents.

David Bowie – oh no love you’re not alone

Quilling Bubbles Tutorial

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Laura Tesoro – What’s The Pressure (Belgium) 2016 Eurovision Song Contest
Dana si Razvan Mateescu wrote:
Sper ca ai gresit mesajul! Ca ai vrut sa-l trimiti altcuiva… Ce s-a intamplat de fapt? Ce am facut de ne trantesti cuvinte “intelepte” din cine stie ce put al gandirii? Ti-e rau?
Ce prietenie? Ce conditionare, fata mea? Am inteles ca esti stresata din motive foarte sensibile dar sa te iei de noi, asa nejustificat?
Cu ce te-am deranjat?
Eu totusi sper ca mesajul nu a fost pentru noi.

Carmen Nymoen

to Dana
In mesaj este vorba despre ce N-ATI facut, draga mea! Incerc pe cat posibil sa conserv o relatie cu niste oameni care m-au dezamagit CONSTANT si in a caror buna intentie fata de mine si viata mea, nu mai cred demult (ca dovada comentariul GRATUIT pe care l-ai facut mai jos!) Te-am sunat de doua ori azi (cum incerc s-o fac mai tot timpul de cand sunt aici, evident fara nici un semnal din partea ta!), inainte de a trimite mesajul care te-a “scandalizat”. Voiam doar sa purtam o discutie civilizata……poate sunt lucruri pe care gandirea mea “inteleapta” nu le pricepe pe de-antregu’, cum ar fi faptul ca nu te-ai grabit sa-mi raspunzi la mail-ul cu pozele de la concertul AC/DC, dar nu au trecut nici 10 minute de la mesajul “scandalizator”, ca imediat sari la bataie! Care-i problema de fapt???

Date: Wed, 17 Jun 2009 18:33:10 +0300 (E. Europe Daylight Time)
Subject: raspuns perfect
? ?
”In mesaj este vorba despre ce N-ATI facut, draga mea!…

Adica ce trebuie sa fac eu, fata???SAu Razvan…? SAu Andrei? Tu n-ai cu cine te certa in Norvegia sau deja ai facut-o cu toata lumea si am ramas eu, ca proasta???

Carmen, ai probleme grave de sanatate! In caz ca ai uitat, eu am un copil de crescut, o casa de intretinut, o firma… si nu pot sa stau la terapie cu tine. si nici sa ma justific. dar acum uite, o fac..nici eu nu stiu de ce…

Nu am primit niciun telefon de la tine anul asta si nici in alti ani si asta se poate dovedi, lasa vrajeala.

Intradevar, azi a sunat celularul, era sus, eu cu Andrei jos…iarta-ne ca n-am reusit sa ajungem in genunchi la el.. ca sa raspundem. Pe ecran insa scria: apelant necunoscut. Niciun telefon, nimic….de unde s a stiu ca esti tu? sa dau in bobi? sa ghicesc in stele?????

apoi vine un mesaj, tot pe tel. Nesemnat, fara numar. DE UNDE STIAM EU CA TU ESTI??????

Apoi dai cu bata-n balta si scrii mailul. Mai, fata, tu chiar ai luat-o razna. Nu trebuie sa-ti suport eu mojiciile, pentru ca nu ti-am facut nimic si nu sunt vinovata. Efectiv, ma acuzi degeaba, nu stiu de niciun ACDC si nici nu ma intereseaza, n-am timp de stat la mailuri….

Auzi? Si asta ce inseamna?????????????????????

…Incerc pe cat
posibil sa conserv o relatie cu niste oameni care m-au dezamagit
CONSTANT si in a caror buna intentie fata de mine si viata mea, nu mai
cred demult ….
Cu asta ti-ai pus singura DIAGNOSTICUL. ..Pentru mine e clar. Dar ce ti-am facut NOI ??? esti rau de tot dusa cu nervii capului? te-a jignit cineva? Ti-a spus Razvan vreodata un cuvant care te-a derajnat? A plouat prea tare in Norvegia si..te razbuni pe mine? Adica, cu ce te-am dezamagit noi? Nu, ca esti prea de tot si n-am sa-ti inghit porcariile.
Considera ca nu m-ai cunoscut in viata ta si ca… mai ai si alti veri in care sa-ti bagi picioarele!!! Nu vreau sa mai aud de tine si de numele tau. Nu sunt cu nimic VINOVATA.
Ti-ai dat arama pe fata, dar n-as fi crezut niciodata ca esti asa de disperata….


Bietul DagClick Me!!



Alina Eremia – Cand luminile se sting

David de Rothschild

David de Rothschild

David de Rothschild, DJ Two Bears

David de Rothschild, DJ Two Bears