…….David’s HEART WINNER!!!!…FOR YEARS!!!!!

“Carrot-coloured sports car damaged by hungry German donkey! Perfect! Nature strikes back ! :)” https://twitter.com/drexplore ……..UGLIEST!!!!……MUIE, NESPALAT IMPUTIT!!!!…..nu ma faci tu pe mine “oaie” nemancata!!!…..cu LATURA ta “FOMISTA”!!

Monica Columbeanu VS Blonda

Monica Columbeanu posibila sarcina,Acces Direct-02.03.2010-www.Lp.ro

Monica Gabor Columbeanu. Top-model interviu in limba Romana

Eugen Ungureanu canta pentru Monica Columbeanu

Young Champions: David de Rothschild

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Teo Show (31.05.2017) – Monica Gabor: “Voi avea gemeni!” Ce nume vor avea

Evacuata Monica Columbeanu vrea copilul si masina 3 MARTIE 2011

Moni injunghiata de propria mama 4 MARTIE 2011

Irina e la Irinel 6 IUNIE 2011
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“take it as a man”, they say :) ……….

…..we met late in August, 2004. On a matrimonial network. Was love at first sight (including ordered flowers at my door!!!)…..in one of his pictures he sent, I saw some Russian books, on a backround. I asked him……he was surprised by my insight. He said the picture was took at his former Russian girlfriend who seem not to let go easily their past relationship. We wrote each other for a while……..he decided to take a trip to Romania to get to know each other. I booked a room for us at hotel Caro, in Bucharest. I made a special order for two glasses, engraved them with our names. I bought also a bottle of wine. Was a journey of couple a days…..a weekend. During his trip, he gave me some phone numbers. One of his best friend and the other, of his former Russian girlfriend. By the end of the year, he extend a invitation for me to visit his country. He bought a plane ticket and send it to me. Shortly after, all the sudden, he changed his mind, asking me to sell the ticket and cancel the trip. I refused to do so and I called his friend, asking him if he could help me with the accomodation. He accepted with the only condition to have Harold’s approval. Harold agreed and on 24 of December I depart to Netherlands. Harold was waiting for me at the airport (red tulips, again!!). We went then to his place and love each other. During those couple of days I met some contractors in order to close some deals for the company I was hired. The guys, though, seem to start argue and I suspected that I was the subject of their arguing. I decided than to leave the country sooner was scheduled. Was around New Years Eve. By halv of January 2005, I got confirmed an unscheduled pregnancy. I called Harold told him about it. He refused the child on the spot. I insisted for a mutual resolution. He decided to come to Romania to discuse the issue. Was around his 43 anniversary, in February. This time, he stood at my place, in the studio I was living with my mother. I visit the doctor again and show him on the paper my four weeks confirmed pregnancy. He was strongly determined for me not to keep the baby.
He left with the same decision, even after we went to the Dutch Embassy in Bucharest. We kept correspondence for a short while, after the interruption of pregnancy with the idea of me getting a job in UK and continue our relationship. The situation, though, wasn’t the same and suspecting that he was still seing Katarina, I decided to call his “former” asking her if she knew that he was two times in Romania. She decline. I than put a stop to the whole connection with him. By the end of the year, I left Romania in order to get married in Norway. I used Harold’s friend e-mail address to thank him for his hospitality. He told Harold about this and I answer him that my life made a huge turn, asking him to drop everything related to me.
p.s. envy – desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable thing belonging to (someone else).








Ilie Micolov – Dragoste la prima vedere

Lara Fabian Je T’aime

“Regrets, I’ve had a few”

……frustrari, eu n-am prea avut. Sunt un om solid si un caracter calit. Regrete……nu foarte majore. In fapt, mai deloc. Ii sunt recunoscatoare acelui timp in care am venit pe lume; mi-a oferit perspectivele din prezent. Parintilor mei, de asemenea, le raman profund recunoscatoare. Mamei, in special, pentru tot ce a sadit in mine si bagajul emotional fara de care, relatiile mele nu s-ar fii putut consolida de maniera in care au facut-o!!……

Youssou N’Dour – 7 Seconds ft. Neneh Cherry

Stereophonics – Graffiti On The Train


Hej Carmen Nymoen Datum: 16/6

Vi på Kronofogden har sökt dig idag angående brev som du har från oss med delgivningkvitto. Vi saknar ett eller flera kvitton från dig, och har därför sökt dig på din hemadress.

Vi vill att du kontaktar oss! Om du inte hör av dig omgående måste vi fortsätta att söka dig i hemmet, på arbetsplatsen eller i skolan. Det vi också kan göra är att kontakta hyresvärden eller dina grannar för att försöka nå dig.

Kontakta i första handa mig på mitt direktnummer och i andra hand Kronofogdens Kundeservice.

Hannah Göransson
010-572 79 85
072-302 88 90 sms/övrig kontakt

Kronofogdens Kundservice
Tfn: 0771-73 73 00
Epost: kronofogdemyndigheten@kronofogden.se

Iustin Cristian Zavoianu: “Gunoiul bolnav de sifilis al feisbucului!!”

06/20/2010 5:28PM

hei carmen,
kathrine lurer på om du kan legge ut bilder fra i går.

06/20/2010 6:51PM
Hej dere,
Jag prøver å finne några email-addresser av jenter via facebook og Kathrines konto. Jag har en av henne som heter katrinefalkenhaug@hotmail.com. Ær dette, eller skulle sende jag på en annan?

hun vil at du legger ut bildene på facebook.

02/06/2014 11:33AM


DU har IKKE min tillatelse til å dele Bilder av meg eller min familie.

Om du slutter med det øyeblikkelig så blir jeg nødt til å politi andmelde deg samt rapportere deg til facebook slik at din konto blir stengt!

Vennligst respekter dette og slett det de bildene du har delt.

06/30/2016 10:29PM

Hei Carmen!

Fjern alle bilder av meg, Kathrine og mine barn fra dine bilder.

Du har IKKE tillatelse til å bruke disse bildene!

Du er meldt inn til Facebook for å få din konto blokkert og deg utestengt til evig tid.

Jeg kommer også til å politi anmelde deg om du ikke etterkommer mitt krav om å fjerne bilder.